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Remind you if you said this, get what you get, and there is no surprise that many people are looking at how they might feel comfortable with the girl. If this is your goal then it is unreliable! The reason for this idea is that if a girl looks good she will always be with you, because she will be happy about you. (You can also see how you can please the girl.) Is that correct? Not enough ... When I see all my relationships including friends, friends and family, I want to be with those people who are most happy about me.

Most people avoid pain and enjoy pleasure.

The feeling of being good is pleasant. There are some shortcomings when you get good feelings through social humiliation, that person will not respect you. This is the idea, if you can not push honest feelings in the context of the situation, then you do not have any value. Tell me the detail.

Do not stick to a sticky man

You're a tough guy and a girl always says that she is beautiful, she can enjoy for the first time, but she will soon know that you put them on the podium. Because everything is related, she tells her that she looks pretty good. That means you do not look good like that. As your social value comes, it is possible to reduce your satisfaction. For example, imagine their favorite actor on the red carpet. Now a crazy fan goes to him and tells his favorite actor that he is unreliable. She thinks the "big deal", another fan. In this situation, admirer can be masters in cinematography, it does not matter, the fan's approach reduces its value to zero, and thus does not have any effect on its appreciation. However, if another person says ... The actor was a respected ally, perhaps a co-artist, came to him and told him that he really plays a role in the film, the cost of this statement would be very high.

Golden governance, if you want a girl you like.

Remember the Golden Rule that when the people around you feel good about themselves, it feels good. Even if you feel good, you feel the same way when you feel better. Enjoy life, be happy and it will become infectious. If he is happy with being close to you, you can expect your part.

If you want to appreciate it, make sure it's its value.

Ask him something specific, and include yourself in well-being. One big difference is to say, "We're the most beautiful couple at this Halloween party" and "You're the best look at this Halloween party". But enough to see, people think that society is thinking of us. Here are some quick examples:

Go to him to prepare a meal and then tell him that the food was wonderful

Get out there and do the activity of the team, then talk to him.

If he keeps himself back ... talk to him

When he talks with himself ... screaming him!

If you are still wondering how to feel good for a girl, then I will leave with this information: Make sure to read by the book 'Double Male' David Deanjoyo, it shows you the way girls can be used for it Life is

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